Millard County Jail

Welcome to the incubator.  Here are my notes on the structure, melodies, harmonies, and general ideas for the song “Millard County Jail”, a song my grandmother has likened to Russian folk music, and others to a Spaghetti western.  You decide.

Originally I wrote and recorded this song as a wedding gift for my friends who met and began to date during our cross-country bicycle trek.

Now that I’ve upgraded to Logic and have been inspired by some other artists, I have a lot of epic touches to add to this tune.  Before the song was recorded all on acoustic guitar…it’s amazing what a little Tele will do for a Russian folk song :).  I think this one is by far one of the spiciest tracks on the album, and definitely one to release as a single before “dropping” the album.  By the way, who came up with this term – dropping?  Are we pigeons?

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