Sevilla Day 1: Poems and Dog Poo

I came to Sevilla to expand my musical palette by studying flamenco guitar in its origin, Andalucía.  This will only benefit my progress and perspective in the completion of my forthcoming album.

It’s already been pretty wacky here in Sevilla.  On the flight over I watched “Ides of March” starring and directed by George Clooney and with Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Ryan Gosling.  Absolutely wacky.  Honestly, not impressed at all.  Maybe it was that my headphones only played out of the right side and I couldn’t hear the masterful sound design.  My biggest problem with the film was how it tried portraying a “typical progressive candidate’s platform”…what they did provide lacked depth and substance.  It “sounded” like a “real” candidate only on the very surface, but after a moment of thought, the truth was, “not even close”.  I wish I could provide more specifics.  If it was worth the time, I would.  BOOM – take that Ides of March!

I couldn’t keep my eyes open on the 2.5 hour train ride down to Sevilla.  I had a great taxi driver, and after he drops me off at the school where I’m staying, I turn to find a brown Pit Bull staring right at me.  It takes a second to register that its squatting, and moments later, relieving himself of a lumpy load right there onto the sidewalk.  Then off he trots.

My room is in a cozy 3-person apartment directly above the school.  I have two domicile-mates and we share a roof-top patio above us.  I like having a one-staircase commute from home to school.  Mara, one of my roommates, is from Switzerland and has studied  and lived here for 9 months.  I have yet to meet Christina from Denmark, my other roommate.  Fosto tu Densk?  After an epic nap, I took to the streets and soaked in this incredible place.  Our neighborhood is amazing.  We are located right off of the Alameda de Hércules, conveniently located next to a bicycle rental store and lots of clubs and cafés.

A poem I wrote from the Calles Sevillanos:

Orange trees can grow in cities

And soak the streets with tantalizing juices,

Leaves peppered with citrus music

Bursting out in forbidden songs.

We dance here,

For what else is left to do

Under the shadow of towering steeples

That transport us back through centuries?

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