Armenia Day 1: Live at Calumet

I can’t describe how great it is to be in Armenia.  It’s hard to explain what it means to feel like everyone around you belongs (mostly) to the same family.  This first day in Armenia has had some very interesting moments already, but let’s start with the one most pertinent to my album and objectives with this blog.

My close friend has managed talent in Armenia and is a savvy, creative local entrepreneur constantly churning out innovative, quality-oriented concepts on traditional services through unique branding and positive values.  It’s amazing to see him at work connecting so many resources and generating momentum behind new initiatives.

After I showed him some of my music, I mentioned my desire to perform and we went to his favorite club in the city, Calumet, where he introduced me to the local musicians performing that night – a great band called Revolution of the Ants.  His characterization of Calumet as the best club in Yerevan became highlighted when I was allowed on stage to play with the band for about 4 songs/jams – 2 on guitar, 2 on hand drums. The performance was amazing and a ton of fun (footage above…I’m in the frog hat…a christmas gift from my sister).

And the ambiance?  What a place.  It was founded by an Armenian gentleman from America who traveled the world and created a space in Yerevan that represented and shared with others the diversity of perspective, background, and openness he discovered on his travels.

I would love to return to Armenia and perform a series of concerts once the album is ready.  Calumet would be at the top of my list for places to play.

As for my other adventures this day…let’s just say that like in most cities, there are some individuals here with a very skewed perception of what is good for society.

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