Marketing Sound

The commoditization of music has taken a practice that, for many communities throughout history, once marked something sacred and inexplicable by language now turned into a bottom line, profit turning venture.  Today, a “modern musician” is incomplete without developing a media image to surround the sound (no pun intended).  I don’t judge this reality; I have to accept it and work it while upholding my values and principles – a belief that music transcends the markets that push it forward.

Part of that image involves tag lines and lengthier explanations about the “sound” of the artist.  The explanations touch on genres, inspirations, and artful verbosity to reflect the music through language.  How can language possibly encapsulate that which music expresses?  Impossible.  But we try.  It helps to spread the message and attract interest.

I’m certainly developing my own “music literature” to accompany the release of my tracks and album.  This is part of the reason I ultimately need to work with a label/manager…the marketing needs surrounding the creation of music (and art in general) are immense.

Here’s what I’ve got so far…

Imagine a post civil-war Beirut potato merchant outside my grandparent’s apartment building making music with a Baltimore arabber.  That’s my sound.  

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