Producing Album with the Ahmed Family, Kurdish Refugees from Iraq

On Tuesday at the Loyola University of Maryland Mr. Ghazi Ahmed, a Kurdish refugee from Iraq who arrived in the US (Baltimore) earlier this year, was flanked by his children Ali and Amina to record a collection of original and folk songs.  My dear friend, master bassist, and brilliant audio engineer Jake Leckie agreed to facilitate the recording in a beautiful, sound-proofed recital room where all three of the Ahmed’s sang with Ghazi on oud, Ali on saz, and Amina providing background vocals.  The Ahmed’s were resettled by the International Rescue Committee in January and have dazzled many in Baltimore since their arrival.  Our hope is that this album will support them to spread their beautiful music and enrich the culture of communities near and far.  Stay tuned for more info on the release of their album.

Meanwhile, enjoy some photos and video footage from the recording session:

The Ahmed’s

In the control room


Artsy shot with an preamp/inteface

Those are condenser mics!  Or are they hummingbirds?

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