Nearing The “Finish Line”

Greetings from Yerevan, Armenia!  PUSHKIN STREET is coming soon!

Managing the final steps of production from overseas has been a great experience thus far.  It’s entailed a great deal of evaluating mixes – ensuring volume levels are balanced to give each moment of a song its due spotlight, weeding out the unnecessary spots or subtle errors previously unapparent, and, of course, preparing for the next steps: mastering, then marketing!

Oh, marketing.  With over 250 hours logged in the studio and ump-hundreds more writing and tracking outside the studio, marketing is arguably an equal if not more intensive processive.  As many who have produced anything know, it’s one thing to create a beautiful product of which one is proud.  It is entirely another thing to share that beauty and joy with others.  I’ve got a marketing plan together which will roll out over the course of the next few weeks/months.  My main goals for PUSHKIN STREET are:

1) Sell the music to audiences for listening enjoyment (of course), and also for film, television, radio, and gaming industries.  I will master full and purely instrumental versions of PUSHKIN STREET to ensure that those who wish to use it for their own media can apply it in versatile ways.  The music itself is full of character and can fit many exciting contexts for a lot of products.  More on that soon… These are the industries that can draw attention and investment to the music and artist.  Now I’m wearing my “manager’s” hat…

2) Consolidate and discover collaborations.  Whether it is with managers, labels, media makers (film, tv, radio, gaming), students, fellow musicians, my goal is that the myriad styles and unique moments showcased in PUSHKIN STREET will generate new partnerships and consolidate old ones, particularly those of mutual benefit.

Sadly I have encountered many challenges along the path of creating this album (which, I would argue, has been several years in the making, from the time I started writing these melodies – some of which originated when I was in high school – to the moment I put  my foot down early this year in February to make an album).  From folks who wished to collaborate but lacked the umph or commitment to those accustomed to working at a different tempo, I have learned so much in this journey about vision, collaboration, and how to honor a vision despite the challenges inherent to such an undertaking.

Meanwhile, I need to start booking shows here in Yerevan!  I may not have a band yet, but the hope is by the time of a CD release party (fingers crossed before my birthday on October 10!), I will have a group of players with whom to showcase these goodies :).

For now, here’s a photo of two of my babies that have joined me in Armenia – the Bronson mobile (wheeled), and the Strat.  Thanks for checking in!

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