Album Art Preview!

Mixing at The Bunker is complete (250+ hours), mastering is underway in Virginia at Wolf Productions, (we’ll also be preparing a purely instrumental version for those who wish to utilize PUSHKIN STREET for a variety of media purposes – gaming, film, tv, radio, etc.), and here in Armenia we just finished designing the album art!

Implementing and creating basic design concepts with Terry Breschi at Suitcha in Baltimore put us in a great position to collaborate with the stunning vision of Aramazt Kalayjian here in Armenia to put together the final design for the front cover, inside cover, tray, back cover, and cd design for PUSHKIN STREET!  Here’s what the inside cover and tray look like, with Robert Petrossian’s fantastic illustration fusing into the CD tray structure such that the guitar’s sound hole in the illustration aligns with the CD’s hole.

We know that CD’s are obsolete, but not entirely…yet.  Don’t worry, there’s an even zestier front cover on the way!

The color wheel design is based on the war flag of the Japanese Imperial Army…

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