October Performances!

Friday I will be performing at the one and only Green Bean Café, a new establishment with a green-friendly mantra and absolutely spectacular food, drink, atmosphere, and message.

A few weeks back I was fortunate enough to play in the village of Chinchin (population of about 500) in northeast Armenia’s Tavush marz, and then down south in the city of Kapan, the center for Syunik marz.  This was thanks to a few amazing groups of people, including the Straight to the Village crew at Civilnet and of course the one and only Mr. Tim Straight, and also Mr. Aleksander Shagafyan at the United States Alumni Association of Armenia. One of the fascinating things about Armenia is the fact that most “states” (marzes) border one of the four (or five, or six…it’s complicated) surrounding countries, so it is not unusual to be within eyeshot (no pun intended, though snipers are considered a legitimate threat along certain main roads) of Azerbaijan (closed border), Turkey (closed border), Iran, and Georgia (and Nakhijevan, and Artsakh?). Below are some photos from both shows, and video from the Chinchin performance at the local school  Enjoy!


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