“Pelican Sunset” – gather round ye malevolent felines


I never thought while recording the intro/outro bouzouki-esque guitar trills, the straight 4/4 minor chords, or the theater rock interlude, that the song Pelican Sunset  – available here on Bandcamp –  could be instrumental as an aural behavior modification tool for CATS!

As the brilliant engineer Chris Bentley at The Bunker Studio took the song to a whole new level through his masterful mixing, he informed me of something astonishing.  Apparently one of his cats – lets call him/her Feefee – was behaving rather aggressively towards the other cats in the house.  Chris brought Feefee to the studio while mixing the song, and claims that during the 4/4 section (the pounding minor chords), Feefee ran into the corner and hid.  Upon returning home a few hours later, Feefee was a little furry ball of love and respect.

So there you have it.  If your cat is behaving, consider playing them some Pelican Sunset.

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