Dear Friends and Loved Ones,

It’s here!  PUSHKIN STREET, my first album of 11 original “gypsy zest” songs, is now available here, and in its entirety through the following online markets (below the embedded player):

iTunesBandcamp, SpotifyCD BabyAmazonSoundcloudGoogle Play, and more.  Just click on the hyperlink connected to the preceding names (in blue), and you will be directed to the music.

Here are some ways you can help for those who are willing:

1. Buy the album for $10 on iTunesBandcampCD Baby, and other online markets.

2. Share the music with your friends through email, social media, and/or word of mouth.

3. Connect via social media by liking the Raffi Joe music Facebook groupfollowing on Twitter, or subscirbing to the YouTube channel.

4. If you know anyone involved in film, television, radio, gaming, or music industries, let them know about this music which has repeatedly been described as very theatrical, dynamic, and visual.  I have a purely instrumental version (without singing) that is more flexible to use in a variety of media settings to facilitate one of my goals: for the music to reach these industries.  It won’t be possible with your help.

5. If you or a friend are interested in collaborating in any way, especially through this music or even otherwise, let me know.

I want to thank so many of you for your extremely generous and positive feedback thus far with the music.  It has been described as “Salvador Dali-esque”, “truly original”, and “refreshing”.  I invite you to listen and share your thoughts!  It truly was a labor of love – with endless hours spent recording, re-recording, writing, re-writing – and a work I am honored to share with you.

Thank you in advance for your support and enthusiasm.  Art – any skill – unshared, is dust.  Without you this would be meaningless.

Stay tuned as gears turn – a music video may be in the near horizon, along with a CD release party here in Yerevan, and other exciting opportunities for PUSHKIN STREET!



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